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Convergent Mobile endeavors to build and strengthen alliances with corporations who have interests in long-term partnering. We look for firms that demonstrate specific expertise and can leverage a results-oriented relationship to develop new and powerful technologies. The sharing of technology and opportunity constitutes a powerful step toward creating competitive advantages and disrupting traditional markets - activities Convergent Mobile thrives on. Creating better solutions and compelling product offerings can, with combined expertise and resources, sometimes be more easily achieved through partnering our alliance program is designed to create new opportunities and products that will grow client sales by providing access to new mobile technology and tools.

Convergent invests in our Alliance Partners and their employees through online training, webinar support, sales consulting and second-level customer service for all projects we are engaged in. Further, Alliance Partners are regularly invited to participate in technology or product betas, not only to secure needed feedback but also to help establish them as mobile evangelists and industry thought leaders within our marketplace.

Our client relationships are grown over time through results-oriented relationships with discernible return on investment. We know yours are as well. Consider an alliance with Convergent Mobile to facilitate further success.