Jessie Rutledge, Product Analyst

Just as the opportunity to purchase fast and convenient food resulted in the surge of growth in the fast-food industry, the opportunity to purchase any consumer good on the go, quickly, and conveniently is proving to have similar effects. According to a recent study on fifty-three retail websites by NetElixer, websites that have been optimized for smartphones have a 160% greater conversion rate than competitors that did not optimize their online stores for smartphone access.

Not only did the study reveal that mobile optimized e-commerce websites have higher conversion rates, but also that these websites have significantly higher total order values at checkout. The value that customers on mobile sites spend was proven to be over 100% higher than consumers purchasing from a desktop PC. Ecommerce sites optimized for mobile phones give the consumer the ability to easily act on a purchase intent at any time on the go, giving them less time to overthink their purchases, resulting in higher sales.

This accessibility is becoming increasingly more real as online mobile purchases are becoming easier to make. One such example of this is the one touch in-app payment system released by Apple last month. This release is even threatening PayPal's place in the market according to analysts due to its convenience and high levels of security.

While it is not yet necessary to adopt the Apple Pay trend, it is evident that consumers seek easy and efficient mobile payment systems. It is becoming increasingly necessary for online retailers to recognize this trend and act accordingly. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and the most successful online retailers will be those that invest in mobile marketing and make purchases easily feasible during consumers commutes, lunch breaks, and meetings by making their e-commerce sites more mobile friendly.