Robert Forbes, Product Analyst

Despite the incredible number of apps on the market, a November 2014 Kinvey Report found that mobile application development is costly, slow and frustrating. Check out the Otreva app cost calculator to get an idea of how much they would charge and how long it would take based upon the features and platforms you would want included in the release.

With these facts in mind, is a mobile app needed to ensure that your business is successful? Forbes Magazine offered two very different answers to this question in 2013 and 2014. The first article's author advised caution and ensuring that the mobile application provided real value to customers, while the second article's author saw no reason why anyone wouldn't want a mobile app.
Research has shown that loyal customers are normally the greatest users of a company's social media platforms and therefore most likely to utilize your company's app. Because of this, your application needs to solve a problem or cater to a particular need your customers face in order to create value. A mobile application should not be a copy of your website or simply be an expensive sales promotion. By and large, most people do not really know what they would be looking for in a mobile application, how to integrate it with current systems and your strategic goals.
Developing a meaningful concept and a sticky application that actually provides value to your clients is extremely challenging. Committing to the expense of development and ongoing maintenance is extremely daunting. Therefore, making the most from mobile technologies ascendency can likely be best done through leveraging the new efficiencies that already exist in the palm of your customers hands. Text marketing, Geo-Fencing and Online Scheduling are all options which allow you to take advantage of current device technology, create a nearly direct conduit to your customers without the expense of custom app.