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A single point of access
Broad distribution of your business data

Internet-influenced offline spending currently has a value of $2 trillion annually, yet as many as half of all businesses have incomplete or inaccurate information shown in web searches.1 Hundreds of websites and online directories compile business information from a myriad of sources. Making updates or corrections to your information would require manually updating each - a costly and time-consuming effort.

Convergent Mobile's new data distribution tool, LBL Pro, provides a centralized dashboard that can claim, update, manage, and verify your business listing information and content, enabling consistent distribution of your data to over 300 data providers, search engines and directories. Whether a customer is looking for a location, product, phone number, brand or hours of operation Convergent Mobile helps ensure they can find accurate information on your business and the directions to your door.

Listing Management
- LBL Pro
Control your web presence from a single location. LBL Pro continually checks and revises business listings to ensure accurate distribution across devices and channels. Accurate location data ensures that you and your customer can connect, while consistent online data means higher rankings in search engine results, yielding more visibility and more clicks. LBL Pro's fully automated service enables you to easily leverage a resource that more and more customers rely on.
Data Acquisition - PlotMe
New functionality and evolving convenience in the mobile marketplace now makes storefront photos and verified map coordinates important to any data submission. Convergent Mobiles PlotMe is a web-based application that generates, verifies and stores both map coordinates as well as a current storefront photo. Now new construction and seasonal kiosks can be mapped and promoted with ease. The underlying database flexible and can support a wide variety of user types and initiatives. More info on PlotMe can be found here.
Business Profile
A detailed business profile is no longer optional for any business in today's competitive market. From local search apps to Internet Yellow Pages and social networking sites, LBL Pro optimizes your profile across devices and channels. 62% of consumers search locally using multiple devices; your profile content across media can dramatically impact search results and the number of customers at your door. LBL Pro creates and manages profiles that maximize search results and drive business.
Infringement Management
Valuable time and effort is expended to create a recognizable and trusted brand. Some businesses may attempt to capitalize on your hard work while others can unintentionally infringe on your brand, impacting profits. At LBL Pro, we can identify those infringements and work to eliminate them and preserve the integrity of your brand.

The LBL Pro Team is one of the most successful and experienced in the industry having successfully managed location data and resolving brand infringement for some of the largest corporations in the US. Over 25,000 local points of presence currently depend on Convergent Mobile's LBL Pro to manage their business data and online profile.