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Broad distribution of your business data

Manage and distribute your business information

In today's internet, hundreds of websites and online directories compile business listing information from a variety of sources. Without any standards or regulation, the dissemination of your business information across the web can be very difficult maintain. Convergent Mobile's listing management tool (LBL Pro) simplifies this maintenance. Whether it's the wrong address, an old phone number, or a location that is now closed, LBL Pro will flag any erroneous information and allow you to correct these errors. Once you are satisfied with your listing information, LBL Pro will distribute your accurate business listings to any online directory(s) you choose.

Convergent Mobile's LBL Pro employs a centralized dashboard to provide an overview of your business listings. Through the dashboard, you can navigate LBL Pro to view listings with errors, manage listings without errors, and reach other useful tools such as analytics, and listing import/export. Whether a customer is looking for a location, product, phone number, brand or hours of operation, LBL Pro ensures they can find accurate information.

Listing Management
- LBL Pro
Control your web presence from a single location. LBL Pro continually checks and revises business listings to ensure accurate distribution across all channels. Accurate location data ensures that you and your customer can connect, while consistent online data means higher rankings in search engine results. LBL Pro's fully automated service enables you to easily leverage a resource that more and more customers rely on.
Data Acquisition - PlotMe
New functionality and evolving convenience in the mobile marketplace now makes storefront photos and verified map coordinates important to any listing submission. Convergent Mobile's PlotMe is a web-based application that generates, verifies and stores both map coordinates as well as a current storefront photo. Now, new construction and seasonal kiosks can be mapped and promoted with ease. The underlying database is flexible and can support a wide variety of user types and initiatives.