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78% of mobile searches end in a purchase, according to Google. With 350 billion mobile searches in the last year, consumers use of mobile technology to explore is on the rise, and is expected to soon overtake laptop and desktop search frequencies. Businesses are adapting to mobile in order to stay current and competitive; it is now imperative for a business to have a mobile site that is easily accessed, navigated, and that efficiently satisfies users needs. What should a mobile website offer a consumer? Fast load times, an intuitive UI, location information, call functionality, access to your social page, brand information and possibly a video clip all are the minimum requirements of today's mobile user.

A technology partner with an understanding of current mobile capability and marketing trends is essential. Convergent Mobile can assist in designing successful and attractive mobile websites that perform as well as the expertise to integrate technologies meaningfully into your marketing strategy.

Responsive Design
Respond to consumer-expected efficiency with one website that provides an optimized user experience across devices and screen sizes. 61% of mobile users will look at a site for 5 seconds or less, meaning that sites must be easily accessed and navigated to hold attention from discovery through the purchase decision.1 Whether customers are multi-tasking across devices or searching on-the-go, mobile website design is key to building a meaningful web presence.
Search Engine Optimization
Mobile sites can be optimized for increased visibility in search engines and local searches, leading to more exposure for your brand, increased online visits, and increased foot traffic. Convergent has the expertise not only to make your online footprint seamless and effective but to ensure that more users discover it.
Mobile Profiles
A location-based mobile website for your local presence can help to optimize existing operations processes through simple integration. A successful mobile profile requires flexibility to accommodate local and regional differences, structure to ensure brand standardization and depth to offer new operational efficiencies. This delicate technological balance is one Convergent regularly provides.
Mobile Web Consulting
Convergent Mobile provides mobile web consulting for national brands, franchise groups and agencies to enable them to better understand the potential and implications of mobile web for their businesses. Additionally, Convergent maintains relationships with some of the best mobile development teams in the world to partner on native app development and other solutions. Convergent has the knowledge to efficiently integrate mobile into your systems and the expertise to inform the way enterprise-level technologies empower your business not only to compete but to thrive.
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