Convergent Mobile - Customers
Convergent Mobile specializes in mobile-based solutions for enterprises. Our technology is specifically designed to enable deeper measurable impacts for your marketing and operations teams. Our core products and services are specifically designed to empower communication and create new efficiencies between the end consumer, your local point of presence and the corporate office. Text marketing, text notification, online scheduling, listing management and mobile websites are all prudent considerations in today's market. Whether it's speeding existing communication, streamlining process or speeding revenue, your use of mobile can now drive meaningful and discernible results.
An agency's primary mission lies in the service and support of a client's marketing requirements. This broad focus now includes compiling detailed research, interpreting data, understanding behaviors as well as making efficient media buys and insuring the correct communication is to the desired target. Few agencies can risk stepping outside their core competencies to try and develop a product or leverage technology. Successful agencies know that having technology specific partners, allows them to meet needs and maintain long-term relationships. Convergent understands these relationships and stands ready to provide the expertise and products you need across texting, scheduling, data management.
Convergent Mobile can expand your offerings and capabilities with a full range of mobile products, all offering the option of seamless white-labeled deployment. Feel free to utilize the Convergent Mobile dashboard to manage one, or all, of our products for your team. Those with proprietary dashboards will also find integrating our products a simple task. Our full suite of APIs can help quickly launch and extended your product set. Even Our APIs, combined with advanced technologies, enable you to launch and begin monetizing text, scheduling, data listings and social intel, quickly and seamlessly.