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OnTyme is Convergent Mobile's new text-based appointment scheduling solution. OnTyme evolved from enterprises need for a scalable and efficient platform to schedule and track business appointments and employee work schedules. The solution was designed to support organizations with thousands of locations and thousands of employees, but now can empower a single location.

Make scheduling for your business consumer friendly with a text-based platform that works 24X7 - anytime, anywhere. OnTyme's not only makes scheduling with your business convenient, but by freeing up your phone line, it saves you valuable time and resources Pharmacy reviews that can be applied to other areas. OnTyme is the next step in smartphone engagement for your clientele.

Intuitive Dashboard
Manage services and workforce effectively with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to view all employee and client schedules in detail at a glance. One centralized location gives you direct access to appointments, services, employee profiles and schedules, customer information, and easily-exported schedule reports. OnTyme makes managing your business time simple and efficient.
Mobile Application
Take OnTyme on-the-go. The mobile application gives you all of the same features in a format that is just as easy-to-use but built to be carried in your pocket. Be in touch with your business wherever you are.
Execution by Text
All schedules and appointments are viewable, changeable and manageable via text message. Enable access across more people, regardless of whether their phones support data and smartphone applications.
Text Reminders
OnTyme's integrated text reminder system works by personally engaging customers to help ensure that they are where they need to be, and on time. The result is a dramatic reduction in no-show rates and an increase in revenue otherwise lost to missed appointments.
Calendar Sync
Sync with existing calendars like iCal and Google Calendar. OnTyme easily adapts to your personal calendar preferences while synchronizing your schedule, freeing you from manually adding appointments and helping to eliminate double-bookings.