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OnTyme is Convergent Mobile's appointment scheduling solution. With OnTyme you can easily schedule and track business appointments and employee work schedules. By including an intuitive dashboard, integrated text messaging, and a mobile application, OnTyme is designed to support organizations of any size. OnTyme not only makes scheduling with your business convenient, but will save you valuable time and resources by freeing up your phone lines and allowing your employees to focus your customers, products and services.

Make scheduling for your business consumer friendly with a text-based platform that works 24X7 - anytime, anywhere. OnTyme's not only makes scheduling with your business convenient, but by freeing up your phone line, it saves you valuable time and resources that can be applied to other areas. OnTyme is the next step in smartphone engagement for your clientele.

Intuitive Dashboard
Equipped with an intuitive dashboard, OnTyme provides an overview of your business; allowing you to view your appointments for the day along with which employees are scheduled to work today. Also available at the dashboard is your business information, a customer reach out tool, and an analytics to help you best understand what is happening with your business.
Mobile Application
Take OnTyme on-the-go. The mobile application gives you all of the same features in a format that is just as easy-to-use but built to be carried in your pocket. Schedule appointments and manage employee schedules from anywhere.
Text Message Integration
OnTyme's automated text messaging immediately notifies your employees and customers anytime an appointment is scheduled, edited, or cancelled. By seamlessly integrating text messaging into the appointment scheduling process, OnTyme ensures your employees and customers always know where to be and when to be there. The result is a dramatic reduction in no-shows and revenue lost to missed appointments.

The Customer Reach Out is another feature in OnTyme that employs text message integration. From the Customer Reach Out feature, you can send a unique message to any customer(s) you desire.