Convergent Mobile - Solutions
Text Marketing tuda
In a mobile-centric world, text marketing has become the preferred choice for customer engagement. No matter the purpose, text marketing provides one of the highest marketing ROIs available. Convergent Mobile's text messaging platform (US411) provides you with an easily recognized short code and a platform with proven reliability. Engage customers anywhere, anytime through our interactive communications platform.
Online Scheduling tuda
Convergent Mobile's OnTyme is an appointment scheduling platform designed to streamline your scheduling process while engaging your customers at a more intimate level. With text messaging integrated, OnTyme ensures your employees and customers know where to be and when to be there. Designed to support organizations with thousands of locations and employees, OnTyme provides value to you, your employees, and your customers. OnTyme makes scheduling possible 24/7.
Listing Management tuda
Convergent Mobile's LBL Pro enables you to actively distribute and manage your business listings and data to ensure consistency and accuracy, and to optimize your visibility on the web. Hundreds of web directories compile information from a myriad of sources, which means trying to maintain data through each individually would be costly and time-consuming. LBL is a centralized distribution tool that enables you to manage, correct, verify, and distribute your business content to over 300+ data providers, search engines and directories. A single automated point of contact reaching all major online directories.