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With text marketing as the most intimate and prompt means of communicating with customers, the need for a platform that facilitates text messaging has never been more evident. Companies hesitant to exploit text marketing often find themselves behind the curve and worse, behind their competitors. With Americans reading 97% of texts, within 3 minutes 90% of the time, there is no communication more immediate and guaranteed to reach your customers' eyes. With proven and reliable performance, delivery, and support, Convergent Mobile's US411 has quickly become a go to solution for all your text marketing needs.

Convergent Mobile has been provisioning text-based solutions for over ten years and understands how and why it continues to provide powerful results. Text delivers marketing messages that are interactive, immediate, cost effective and measurable. Stay ahead of the competition with US411.

Web Based Platform:
All you need is an internet connection to communicate instantly with your customer. Our texting platform allows you complete customization whether you are engaging with customers, employees or event attendees. Our intuitive platform is designed to be easy-to-use, and puts absolute control at your fingertips.
Used in relation to a shortcode (US411/87411), keywords provide an avenue of access to customers interested in your business. By texting a keyword to a shortcode, a customer is typically triggering an opt-in flow to begin receiving text messages from that shortcode. Upon sending your keyword to US411, customers will receive any information you provide. Simply enter the contents of the message you want customers to receive in US411 and sit back.
One of the most powerful ways to utilize text marketing is through integration with other systems and platforms. Convergent Mobile's scheduling tool (OnTyme) is an excellent example of just that. By including automated messaging in OnTyme, text notifications are sent to both employees and customers anytime an appointment is scheduled, edited, or cancelled. Convergent Mobile can integrate text marketing with any system, providing the most relevant and advantageous means of communication.

Proven Success

Contests and Promotions:
Launch contests, surveys, polling, or sports promotions locally and nationally.
Mobile Coupons:
Offer auto-generated mobile coupons, turnkey incentives and scalable loyalty programs.
Mobile Commerce:
Enable new payment methods for products and services.
Community Applications:
Deploy innovative custom applications that build and grow your community of mobile users.
Event Solutions:
Get more interactive by engaging your audience with sporting and entertainment events.
Emergency Alerts:
Alert employees, faculty, and vendors. Eliminate chaos when instant communication is mandatory.
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