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Mobile marketing software and text marketing remain the most immediate and powerful way to communicate with today's customers with Americans reading 97% of texts, 90% of the time within 3 minutes.1 Convergent Mobile's US411 is the most recognized short code for business and has proven to be reliable for performance, delivery and support. In a mobile-centric world, text messaging has become the preferred choice for customer engagement.

Immediate action means staying ahead of the competition. Convergent Mobile has been provisioning text-based solutions for over ten years and understands how and why it continues to provide powerful results. Text delivers marketing messages that are interactive, immediate, cost effective and measurable.

Web-based Command Center
All you need is an internet connection to communicate instantly with your customer. Our texting platform allows you complete customization whether you are engaging with customers, employees or event attendees. Our intuitive platform is designed to be easy-to-use, and puts absolute control at your fingertips.
Push - Pull Capabilities
Target customers in a way that is interactive and can be segmented based on demography, time or location. The success of text marketing stems in part from the ability to make the experience personal as well as interactive. This interactivity creates measurability which is easily accessed through your command center. With US411, the choice is yours.
79% of mobile phone users use their devices for local search, while 51% of typical searches are for information about a product, service Phentermine 37.5 online, or business.2 Upon sending a key word to US411, customers will receive as much information as you wish, completely dependent on what you have entered into the platform. Enabling consumers to access your business information effectively and immediately converts feet on the street to customers in the seats and shops.
Integration and Unparalleled Support
US411 is a robust enterprise-level solution. It fits well into our larger suite of services including mobile website and app design, mobile scheduling tools, data management, with immediate and experienced support for your business, no matter the size.

Proven Success

Contests and Promotions:
Launch contests, surveys, polling, or sports promotions locally and nationally.
Mobile Coupons:
Offer auto-generated mobile coupons, turnkey incentives and scalable loyalty programs.
Mobile Commerce:
Enable new payment methods for products and services.
Community Applications:
Deploy innovative custom applications that build and grow your community of mobile users.
Event Solutions:
Get more interactive by engaging your audience with sporting and entertainment events.
Emergency Alerts:
Alert employees, faculty, and vendors. Eliminate chaos when instant communication is mandatory.
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